Turkey: Declassified

Documents ‘Turkey Energy Company Development‘ (Snowden files, 29 October 2008) ‘Turkey: Erdogan talks PKK in the UK‘, (US embassy cable, Wikileaks, 25 October 2007)   Articles ‘What has WikiLeaks revealed about the Blair and Brown governments?‘ (Defend Wikileaks, 2019) ‘British documents on Karamanlis declassified’ (Cyprus Forum, 29 December 2006, RT, 27 September 2016) ‘Turkey “had dissident […]

UK favours extremism over democracy in Syria

by Mark Curtis Published in Middle East Eye, 22 July 2018 How does a British government respond when an allied state invades another territory with the backing of jihadists, overthrows a democratic experiment and consolidates an occupation? Judging by what Turkey is doing in the Afrin district of northern Syria, the answer is: by supporting […]

How Britain engaged in a covert operation to overthrow Assad

by Mark Curtis Published in Middle East Eye, 25 April 2018 Some commentators in the British mainstream media believe the UK has “done nothing” in the war in Syria and lament the failure to help stop it. In fact, Britain has engaged in a covert operation with allies to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad for more than […]