Explainer: Is the UK a rogue state? 17 British policies violating domestic or international law

by Mark Curtis Declassified UK, 7 February 2020 UK governments routinely claim to uphold national and international law. But the reality of British policies is quite different, especially when it comes to foreign policy and so-called “national security”. This explainer summarises 17 long-running government policies which violate UK domestic or international law. British foreign secretary […]

Rendition / Torture: Declassified

Documents ‘US embassy cables: Head of Foreign Office counter-terrorism policy says UK cannot take anymore Guantanamo detainees’ (US Embassy, UK, 3 February 2009) ‘US embassy cables: UK foreign office tries to smooth relations with US over Cyprus flights’ (US Embassy, UK, 20 May 2008)   Articles Guantanamo bay / ‘War on terror’ ‘British government suppressing […]