British government ministers have been complicit in millions of deaths since 1945, so don’t be surprised that they won’t face justice over coronavirus

By Mark Curtis Declassified UK, 2 May 2020 The UK government’s failure to provide protective equipment to all health staff treating coronavirus victims prompts questions whether ministers are legally culpable for failing to prevent deaths. But UK ministers routinely act with impunity and every prime minister since 1945 has been complicit in deaths abroad. At […]

Rwanda: Declassified

Documents ‘Inside the UN Security Council: April–July 1994’ (National Security Archive, 2 June 2014) ‘United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Czech Republic Declassified Documents Reveal New Perspectives on United Nations Security Council Debates on Rwanda in April 1994‘ (National Security Archive, 2 June 2014) Articles ‘Britain ignored genocide threat in Rwanda’ (Independent, 9 March 2014) ‘British […]

Contributing to Genocide in Rwanda

By Mark Curtis An edited extract from Web of Deceit: Britain’s Real Role in the World In the hundreds of media articles on the 1994 Rwanda genocide, there is barely a mention of Britain being a permanent member of the UN security council and in any way responsible for what happened. I recounted Britain’s role […]

A Covert War in Bosnia

This is an edited extract from Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam Mark Curtis In March 1992 the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia, provoking an attack on its capital, Sarajevo, by Bosnian Serb militias allied to the regime of Slobodan Milosevic in Belgrade. The war that followed lasted for three years, killed […]

Bloodshed and whitewash: Britain and the Rwanda genocide

by Mark Curtis Red Pepper, March 2004 The invasion of Iraq and the Hutton report are two sides of the same coin: the former shows that policies are made by a tiny cabal of people around the prime minister, impervious to public influence; the latter shows that this cabal is protected from serious accountability. Britain’s […]

The Great Deception

Anglo-American Power and World Order. Debunking some of the myths of post-cold War power, Mark Curtis demonstrates how Britain remains the key supporting player in US domination, and how far from benign that domination is in its impact on the rest of the world. The special relationship between Britain and the United States has concealed […]