The UK’s 83 military interventions around the world since 1945

Britain has deployed its armed forces for combat over 80 times in 47 countries since the end of the Second World War, in episodes ranging from brutal colonial wars and covert operations to efforts to prop up favoured governments or to deter civil unrest The British military has used or threatened to use military force […]

British government ministers have been complicit in millions of deaths since 1945, so don’t be surprised that they won’t face justice over coronavirus

By Mark Curtis Declassified UK, 2 May 2020 The UK government’s failure to provide protective equipment to all health staff treating coronavirus victims prompts questions whether ministers are legally culpable for failing to prevent deaths. But UK ministers routinely act with impunity and every prime minister since 1945 has been complicit in deaths abroad. At […]

Kenya: Declassified

  These UK files/articles on the brutal UK war in Kenya in 1950s highlight mass killings, starvation as policy, torture, forced labour, rape as well as cover-ups and destroying of evidence.   Documents ‘Kenya: Memorandum by the Secretary of State for the Colonies’, (13 November 1957, National Archives, at page 85) Articles 1950s war against […]

Rendition / Torture: Declassified

Documents ‘US embassy cables: Head of Foreign Office counter-terrorism policy says UK cannot take anymore Guantanamo detainees’ (US Embassy, UK, 3 February 2009) ‘US embassy cables: UK foreign office tries to smooth relations with US over Cyprus flights’ (US Embassy, UK, 20 May 2008)   Articles Guantanamo bay / ‘War on terror’ ‘British government suppressing […]

Britain’s Seven Covert Wars

Published in the Huffington Post, 18 October 2016 by Mark Curtis Britain is fighting at least seven covert wars in the Middle East and North Africa, outside of any democratic oversight or control. Whitehall has in effect gone underground, with neither parliament nor the public being allowed to debate, scrutinise or even know about these […]

The Mau Mau war in Kenya, 1952-60

The Mau Mau war in Kenya, 1952-60 By Mark Curtis An edited extract from Web of Deceit: Britain’s Real Role in the World “Short rations, overwork, brutality, humiliating and disgusting treatment and flogging – all in violation of the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights”. (A former officer in a British detention camp, Kenya, […]

Web of Deceit

Britain’s Real Role in the World. In his explosive new book, Mark Curtis reveals a new picture of Britain’s role in the world since 1945 and in the “war against terrorism” by offering a comprehensive critique of the Blair government’s foreign policy. Curtis argues that Britain is an “outlaw state”, often a violator of international […]