Cuba: Declassified

Documents Joint Intelligence Committee, Cuban developments and their impact on the Caribbean, 1961 Foreign Office, ‘Cuba‘ (National Archives, AK 1261/667, 1962) UK Embassy in Cuba to Foreign Office, ‘The Cuban Crisis – Chapters I and II’, 10 November 1962 Cabinet, ‘Cuba: Threat posed by Soviet missiles’, 26 October 1962 ‘The Cuban Crisis’, 1962 (National Security […]

The Cuban threat, 1961

Joint Intelligence Committee, “Cuban developments and their impact on the Caribbean”, 2 June 1961 “Castro’s attempts to intervene in the affairs of other countries have alienated most governments and moderate opinion in Latin America; however, Castroism still retains much of its popular appeal. If, in the longer term, the Cuban revolution succeeds in achieving a […]

Unpeople: Britain’s Secret Human Rights Abuses

Britain complicit in the deaths of ten million people since 1945. Those are Unpeople – those whose lives are seen as expendable in the pursuit of Britain’s economic and political goals. Historian Mark Curtis pieces together the Blair government’s “public deception campaign” on Iraq and reveals government plans to increase “information operations” directed towards the […]