Britain’s 42 coups since 1945

by Mark Curtis, Declassified UK, 12 January 2023 The UK has planned or executed over 40 attempts to remove foreign governments in 27 countries since the end of the Second World War, involving the intelligence agencies, covert and overt military interventions and assassinations, Declassified has found. Probably the most well-known coup staged by British intelligence […]

British government ministers have been complicit in millions of deaths since 1945, so don’t be surprised that they won’t face justice over coronavirus

By Mark Curtis Declassified UK, 2 May 2020 The UK government’s failure to provide protective equipment to all health staff treating coronavirus victims prompts questions whether ministers are legally culpable for failing to prevent deaths. But UK ministers routinely act with impunity and every prime minister since 1945 has been complicit in deaths abroad. At […]

Congo/DRC: Declassified

These articles highlight the apparent UK involvement in the murder of Congo leader Patrice Lumumba in 1961 and possible involvement in the death of UN Secretary General Hammarskjold. Articles Lumumba assassination, 1961 ‘British peer reveals MI6 role in Lumumba killing’ (The Hindu, 1 April 2013) ‘CIA and MI5 linked to assassinations in the Congo in […]