Libya: Declassified


‘US embassy cables: UK feared hero’s funeral for Megrahi’ (US Embassy, UK, 25 February 2010)

‘US embassy cables: Britain feared Libya would “cut us off at the knees” if Megrahi was not released’ (US Embassy, Libya, 16 August 2009)

‘US embassy cables: US suspicion surrounds Tony Blair’s visit to Libya’ (US Embassy, Libya, 23 August 2009)

‘US embassy cables: Britain “between a rock and a hard place” over Megrahi’ (US Embassy, UK, 24 October 2008)

‘US embassy cables: Scottish government “shocked” by Megrahi outcry’ (US Embassy, UK, 24 August 2009)

‘Libya: Memorandum by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs’ (National Archives, page 138, 28 November 1957)


Yvonne Fletcher killing, 1984

‘Libyan Embassy siege prompted major shake-up of Whitehall’s counter-terror team, new files reveal’ (Civil Service World, 25 August 2016)

‘New light shed on PC’s death at Libya embassy’ (Al Jazeera, 3 January 2014)

‘Thatcher’s discussions over murder of PC Yvonne Fletcher revealed’ (Guardian, 3 January 2014)

‘Libya warned Foreign Office of embassy violence ahead of Yvonne Fletcher murder’ (Independent, 3 January 2014)

Lockerbie bombing

‘Documents reveal fears over Lockerbie deal’ (CNN, 2 September 2009)

Since 2000

What has Wikileaks revealed about the Blair and Brown governments?‘ (Defend Wikileaks, 2019)

What has Wikileaks revealed about David Cameron and the Conservatives?‘ (Defend Wikileaks, 2019)

‘Letter reveals intelligence ties between Blair’s Britain and Gaddafi’s Libya’ (Middle East Eye, 24 January 2015)

‘Revealed: how Blair colluded with Gaddafi regime in secret’ (Guardian, 23 January 2015)

‘Cooperation between British spies and Gaddafi’s Libya revealed in official papers’ (Guardian, 22 January 2015)

‘Secret documents reveal MI5 agents betrayed Libyan dissidents to Gaddafi spies’ (Mail, 21 April 2012)

‘US/UK: Documents Reveal Libya Rendition Details’ (Human Rights Watch, 8 September 2011)


‘MI6 “halted bid to arrest bin Laden”’ (Observer, 10 November 2002)