China/Hong Kong: Declassified


Prime Minister’s Office, ‘China: Internal Situation‘ (National Archives, PREM 19/257, May-July 1989)



Hong Kong

Declassified British files show how Beijing tried to stifle 1990s democratic reform in Hong Kong with airport finance negotiations‘ (South China Morning Post, 29 December 2017)

Declassified files: UK warned in 1989 it would be “impotent” if Hong Kong deal breached after handover‘ (Hong Kong Free Press, 22 July 2017)

The secret negotiations that sealed Hong Kong’s future‘ (CNN, 22 June 2017)

‘Revealed: the British Army’s Secret Plan to Shoot Protesters in Hong Kong’ (Phil Miller, Vice News, 15 December 2015)

‘UK officials discussed resettling 5.5m Hong Kong Chinese in Northern Ireland’ (Guardian, 3 July 2015)

‘British plan to move 5.5m Hong Kongers to Northern Ireland revealed in declassified “spoof”’ (Hong Kong Free Press, 3 July 2015)

‘How Britain considered transplanting population of Hong Kong to new ‘city state’ in Northern Ireland during height of Troubles’ (Independent, 2 July 2015)

‘Britain made 1984 vow to Hong Kong on Sino-British joint declaration, declassified documents show’ (South China Morning Post, 30 December 2014)

‘UK 1984 Pledge to Back Hong Kong if China Breaks Joint Declaration Uncovered’ (Epoch Times, 29 December 2014)

‘The secret history of Hong Kong’s stillborn democracy’ (Quartz, 10 October 2014)

‘Hard-fought Sino-British negotiations over Hong Kong revealed in declassified files’ (South China Morning Post, 18 August 2013)

Tiananmen Square massacre, 1989

At least 10,000 people died in Tiananmen Square massacre, secret British cable from the time alleged‘ (Independent, 23 December 2017)

Tiananmen Square protest death toll “was 10,000“‘ (BBC, 23 December 2017)

Declassified: Chinese official said at least 10,000 civilians died in 1989 Tiananmen massacre, documents show‘ (Hong Kong Free Press, 21 December 2017)

Declassified files: Bush and Thatcher agreed that “strategic interests” over-ruled Tiananmen sympathies‘ (Hong Kong Free Press, 30 July 2017)

Documents Reveal U.K. Warned About June 4 Killings‘ (China Digital Times, 6 January 2017)

British government was warned about Tiananmen Square “bloodshed” two weeks before Beijing massacre‘ (Independent, 5 January 2017)

The UK knew China was planning a massacre at Tiananmen Square two weeks before it happened‘ (Quartz, 5 January 2017)

UK granted 6 special visas to Chinese “in extreme danger”, days after 1989 Tiananmen massacre‘ (Hong Kong Free Press, 30 December 2016)

Chinese Army “Spared No-one” in 1989 Mass Killings in Beijing: UK cables‘ (Radio Free Asia, 21 December 2012)



UK prepared message of condolence for ex-Chinese leader Deng 10 years before his death‘ (Hong Kong Free press, 31 December 2016)

‘Some things never change’ (New African, 12 March 2015)

UK pondered China nuclear attack‘ (BBC, 30 June 2006)

Diplomat reveals Britain’s betrayal of Tibet‘ (Independent, 13 March 1999)