Israel / Palestine: Declassified


These UK files/articles on Israel/Palestine highlight UK help for Israel’s nuclear weapons, concerns for Israel’s security during the Iraq invasion war planning, and the UK’s role in the 1948 war, among other policies.



MI6, ‘Palestinian Security Plan’, 2004 (See ‘Palestine papers reveal MI6 drew up plan for crackdown on Hamas’ (Guardian, 25 January 2011)

Foreign Office, British policy towards Israel, the Arab states and the US, 1970

Foreign Office, British policy towards the Arab/Israel dispute, 1970

Joint Intelligence Committee, Israel and the bomb, 1961


Occupation of Palestine

‘Britain Opens Secret Files About Jewish Terrorists’ (Associated Press, 28 September 2016)

‘UK opens secret files about “Jewish terrorists” in 1940s’ (Indian Express, 28 September 2016)

‘Newly declassified documents give insights into last days of British occupation of Palestine’ (Asa Winstanley, Electronic Intifada, 25 April 2013)

‘Operation Embarrass? You bet: Britain’s secret war on the Jews’ (Jewish Chronicle, 28 September 2010)

‘Exclusive: WW2 Britain Blew Up Jewish Refugee Ships’ (Daily Beast, 19 September 2010)

1948 war

Mark Curtis, Britain’s role in the war in Palestine, 1948 (Extract from Secret Affairs, 2012)

‘Uncovered: U.K. Intel Encouraged Arab Armies to Invade Israel in 1948’ (Haaretz, 14 September 2014)

‘British officials predicted war – and Arab defeat – in Palestine in 1948’ (Guardian, 26 April 2013)

‘Rewriting Israel’s History’ (Middle East Quarterly, June 1996)

Invasion of Egypt, 1956

‘Israel intended to bomb British in Egypt, secret 1950s files claim’ (Times, 12 May 2015)

‘Sir Anthony Eden’s cabinet discussed concealing Suez ‘collusion’, records show’ (Telegraph, 2 October 2008)

‘The ghosts of Suez’ (Guardian, 13 July 2006)

‘Secrets and lies at the heart of Britain’s Middle Eastern folly’ (Guardian, 11 July 2006)

1967 war

‘Rethinking Israel’s David-and-Goliath past’ (Salon, 4 June 2007)

Lebanon War, 1982

West turned blind eye to Israel’s involvement in Sabra and Shatila “slaughter“‘ (The National, 4 August 2013)

‘British National Archives releases classified government documents’ (The National, 2 August 2013)

British files reveal outrage at Lebanon invasion‘ (The National, 13 January 2013)

‘Arabs are “losing faith” in America: lessons from Lebanon 1982’ (Guardian, 4 January 2013)

Falklands War, 1982

‘Israel sold weapons to Argentina at height of Falklands War, declassified files show’ (Independent, 25 August 2016)

‘UK opens files on Israeli arms sales to Argentina during Falklands War’ (Times of Israel, 25 August 2016)

‘Israel sold weapons to Argentina at height of Falklands War, reveal declassified Foreign Office files’ (Telegraph, 24 August 2016)

‘’Declassified UK files reveal Israel sold arms to Argentina during Falklands War’ (Jerusalem Post, 24 August 2016)


‘Documents detailing UK’s involvement in Israel’s alleged nuclear arsenal vanish’ (Jerusalem Post, 5 August 2016)

‘Files linking Britain to Israel’s nuclear weapons go missing from National Archives’ (RT, 3 August 2016)

‘Britain’s dirty secret’ (New Statesman, 13 March 2006)

‘How Britain helped Israel get the bomb’ (BBC, 3 August 2005)

‘Papers reveal British aid for Israeli nukes’ (Washington Times, 4 August 2005)

‘How Britain Secretly Helped Israel Build Its Nuclear Arsenal’ (Information Clearing House, undated)



‘Spies in the Sky: Israeli drone feeds hacked by British and American Intelligence’ (The Intercept, 29 January 2016)

‘UK, US spied on top secret Israeli drone missions’ (Breaking News Israel, 29 January 2016)

‘NSA documents show US and UK spied on Israeli military drones’ (CNN, 29 January 2016)

‘Leaked Snowden documents reveals Israel, US, UK intel cooperation on Iran’ (Breaking News Israel, 25 February 2015)


Revealed – Mubarak, Thatcher and Reagan Secretly Negotiated a Solution to the Arab-Israeli Conflict‘ (Haaretz, 1 December 2017)

‘U.K. Intelligence Called Israel ‘True Threat’ to Middle East’ (Haaretz, 10 December 2016)

‘FCO files reveal British officials were ordered to thwart Yasser Arafat visit’ (Civil Service World, 24 August 2016)

‘MI6: Iraq War “Inextricably Tied” to Israel’ (New Observer, 6 July 2016)

Snowden files reveal US and UK spied on feeds from Israeli drones and jets‘ (Guardian, 29 January 2016)

‘British Documents Reveal: Begin Refused Entry to U.K. in 1950s’ (Haaretz, 7 July 2011)

‘MI6 plan proposed internment – and hotline to Israelis’ (Guardian, 25 January 2011)

‘Palestine papers reveal MI6 drew up plan for crackdown on Hamas’ (Guardian, 25 January 2011)

UK overruled on Lebanon spy flights from Cyprus, WikiLeaks cables reveal‘ (Guardian, 2 December 2010)

‘Declassified British document claims Shin Bet staged Entebbe hijacking’ (Jerusalem Post, 2 June 2007)

‘Uganda: 30-Year Secrets of Israel, UK’s Role in Amin Coup Revealed’ (AllAfrica, 31 March 2002)