Declassified: Censorship of Documents

These articles highlight how UK officials have censored, destroyed, withheld illegally & lied about government documents on foreign policy.


‘Government admits “losing” thousands of papers from National Archives’ (Guardian, 26 December 2017)

‘”Operation Legacy”: Britain’s Destruction and Concealment of Colonial Records Worldwide‘ (Shohei Sato, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, April 2017)

The 30-year rule documents they don’t want you to see’ (Guardian, 7 January 2015)

‘How Britain Might Have Deliberately Concealed Evidence of Imperial Crimes’ (Vice News, 6 September 2014)

‘A new excuse for buying bad news?’ (Independent, 9 February 2014)

‘Revealed: the bonfire of papers at the end of Empire’ (Guardian, 29 November 2013)

‘The Foreign Office secretly hoarded 1.2m files. It’s historical narcissism’ (Guardian, 27 October 2013)

‘Foreign Office hoarding 1m historic files in secret archive’ (Guardian, 18 October 2013)

‘Ministry of Defence holds 66,000 files in breach of 30-year rule’ (Guardian, 6 October 2013)

‘Files that may shed light on colonial crimes still kept secret by UK’ (Guardian, 26 April 2013)

‘Britain’s secret archive of decolonisation’ (History Workshop, 19 April 2012)

‘British colonial files released following legal challenge’ (BBC, 18 April 2012)

‘Sins of colonialists lay concealed for decades in secret archive’ (Guardian, 18 April 2012)

‘The colonial papers: FCO transparency is a carefully cultivated myth’ (Guardian, 18 April 2012)