United States: Declassified


‘US embassy cables: Fox outlines Conservative approach to special relationship’ (US Embassy, UK, 3 December 2010)

‘US embassy cables: Fears over safety of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons’ (US Embassy, UK 22 September 2009)

‘US embassy cables: Americans discuss British “paranoia” over special relationship’ (US Embassy, UK, 9 February 2009)

‘US embassy cables: Hague praises the “special relationship”‘ (US Embassy, UK, 1 April 2008)

‘Meeting between US President and Prime Minister Edward Heath’, December 1971 (National Security Archive)

Foreign Office, British policy towards Israel, the Arab states and the US, 1970

Cabinet Defence and Oversea [sic] Policy Committee, ‘Issue of foreign policy: A memorandum by officials in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’, 1970 (click here)

Foreign Office, British policy towards the United States, 1968

Steering Committee of the Future Policy Group, ‘The future of Anglo-American relations’, Draft, October 1959 (click here)

Cabinet Office, ‘Anglo American relations’, 10 April 1958 (National Archives)


Thatcher/Reagan, 1980s

‘Top US official wanted British record of Thatcher-Reagan meeting – because American notes weren’t up to scratch’ (Civil Service World, 26 August 2016)

‘Foreign Office staff thought Margaret Thatcher was smarter than Ronald Reagan – FCO files’ (Civil Service World, 25 August 2016)

‘Thatcher kept FCO officials in the dark over Reagan security briefing, new files show’ (Civil Service World, 24 August 2016)

‘British Officials Portrayed Reagan as a “Bozo”’ (Daily Beast, 1 May 2014)

‘Arabs are “losing faith” in America: lessons from Lebanon 1982’ (Guardian, 4 January 2013)

‘Secret files lift lid on Thatcher-Reagan Falklands contacts’ (Reuters, 28 December 2012)

‘Papers Show Rare Friction for Thatcher and Reagan’ (New York Times, 28 December 2012)



‘Britain backed use of A-bomb against Japan: U.S. documents’ (Japan Times, 4 August 2013)

‘Declassified spymaster’s diary reveals UK-US espionage tensions with “gangster” Hoover’ (Associated Press, 26 October 2012)

‘WikiLeaks cables: Conservatives promised to run “pro-American regime”‘ (Guardian, 3 December 2010)

‘WikiLeaks cable reveals secret pledge to protect US at Iraq inquiry’ (Guardian, 30 November 2010)

‘Thatcher Warned Carter About Soviet Threat, Document Reveals’ (Newsmax, 7 February 2010)

‘British feared US invasion of Saudi Arabia’ (Telegraph, 1 January 2004)