40 UK foreign policies to remember in the UK election

Our special relationship with Saudi Arabia

Our war in Yemen

Our seven covert wars (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia)

Our role as a massive arms exporter, to anyone who wants them

Our increased military training programme to repressive states

Our two new aircraft carriers, built while a million food parcels are distributed

Our £178 billion military requipment programme

Our raising of the ‘Russian threat’ for domestic/foreign political/military purposes

Our role in maintaining the world’s tax havens

Our ongoing dispossession of the Chagos Islanders

Our special relationship with Trump

Our deepened relations with repressive Gulf states such as Bahrain and Oman

Our new special relationship with the military rulers of Egypt

Our de facto support for Israel’s illegal settlement building and blockade of Gaza

Our failure to recognise a Palestinian state

Our deepened relations with human rights abusers such as Turkey and Uzbekistan

Our Navy’s stated ambition to patrol the world militarily to protect the UK’s ‘growing global economic ambition’

Our enhancement of nuclear weapons

Our government’s stated willingness to use nuclear weapons in a first strike

Our ongoing military relationship with Pakistan, a major sponsor of terrorism

Our secret drone wars

Our plans to support mining in the Arctic

Our role in promoting mining companies like Shell and Rio Tinto

Our covert and overt role in backing extremist groups and fuelling jihadism

Our mining companies’ role in controlling Africa’s natural resources

Our promotion of the privatisation of health and education in developing countries

Our opposition to a Financial Transactions Tax

Our refusing to support binding legal regulation for corporations’ activities overseas

Our role in acquiescing in corporate tax abuses and evasion across the developing world

Our contribution to massive greenhouse gas emissions from backing coal and oil/gas projects across the developing world

Our refusal to adequately clamp down on private security companies

Our championing of financial secrecy in overseas territories like the British Virgin Islands

Our role in championing corporate agriculture and land grabs in Africa

Our opposition to agro-ecological farming in developing countries

Our use of aid as a tool for supporting big business and foreign policy

Our support for neo-liberal economic policies across the developing world

Our support for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Our ignoring of international law and belief we can use military force where/when we want

Our support for opposition groups in Syria, prolonging the war

Our outright opposition to base foreign policy on ethics, human rights, development and peace


  1. Noel Hamel says:

    I COULD ask Zac Goldsmith but he and I have some history since he suggested I was a terrorist supporter’s sympathetic ally. Turned out the so called “terrorist supporter” was actually an Imam who goes around trying to deter Muslim hotheads from any inclination for violence in pursuance of an Islamic arcadia!!!
    How about that?

  2. Sounds like the UK still thinks it’s an Imperial power, only an even nastier one as it’s allied to the worlds biggest and nastiest bully.

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