The Cuban threat, 1961

Joint Intelligence Committee, “Cuban developments and their impact on the Caribbean”, 2 June 1961

“Castro’s attempts to intervene in the affairs of other countries have alienated most governments and moderate opinion in Latin America; however, Castroism still retains much of its popular appeal. If, in the longer term, the Cuban revolution succeeds in achieving a stable regime which appears to meet the aspirations of the depressed classes, there will be a serious risk that it will inspire similar revolutions elsewhere in Latin America”.

Source, PRO, CAB 158/43




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  1. Charlie Grafton says:

    US economic warfare on Cuba succeeded in preventing development that might have led to full liberation and became blueprint for threats to others aspiring to eradicate predatory capitalist exploitation from within/out, supplemented with CIA,political and military interference/subversion.Now this is policy in developed countries where ruling oligarchy fears more opposition from people and extinguish it with neoliberalism.

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