The future of British foreign policy

A UK Watch interview with Mark Curtis, 7 May 2007

What do you expect from a Brown premiership? Is British foreign
policy likely to change at all?

There have been no public signs that foreign policy is likely to change. Brown has been four-square behind Blair on foreign policy, including, of course, Iraq, which he has financed as Chancellor and publicly defended when required. The real news about Brown succeeding Blair is that it means nothing in policy terms, but a simple fact like this cannot be reported and we can expect endless nonsensical musings on the ‘changeover’ in the mainstream in the coming few weeks. Brown being an identikit to Blair is the only rational argument I can think of for not having a general election – any other argument is a total abuse of democracy, therefore to be expected from new Labour……..

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  1. The BBC DID break the silence on Diego Garcia with a 1/2 hour piece by Jonathan Charles on Radio 4 this March 7:

    Of course some of his conclusions are a bit off (some standard Empire Apologetics if I remember rightly – I’ll have to give it a second listen), but a pleasant surprise and a small step forward nonetheless from our largely supine mainstream media!

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