Sri Lanka: Declassified


Declassified files on SriLanka/Ceylon show long standing UK complicity in repression and war crimes, especially in helping to brutally quell rebellions in 1971 and 2008/9.


‘US embassy cables: Foreign Office says Miliband’s concern for Sri Lanka humanitarian crisis driven by UK electoral calculations’ (US Embassy, UK, 7 May 2009)


‘Exclusive: Secret Documents Reveal How Britain Funded Possible War Crimes in Sri Lanka’ (Phil Miller, Vice News, 31 March 2016)

‘Britain’s dirty war against the Tamil people, 1979-2009’ (Phil Miller, International Human Rights Association Bremen, 2014)

 Thatcher to use influence with JR-Declassified document bares details’ (Lankaweb, 23 January 2014)

‘Indira Gandhi asked Margaret Thatcher to stop helping Sri Lanka against LTTE’ (Indian Express, 22 January 2014)

‘Britain allowed ex-SAS officers to train Sri Lankans as Tamil Tigers rebelled’ (Phil Miller, Guardian, 16 January 2014)

‘MI5 in Ceylon – the untold story’ (Phil Miller, Open Democracy, 5 November 2013)

‘Top PSNI men advised forces of bloody Sri Lankan regime’ (Belfast Telegraph, 15 October 2013)

‘Wikileaks cables: David Miliband focused on Sri Lankan war “to win votes”’ (Guardian, 1 December 2010)